About Us

The Little Learner’s Village Community Garden is managed by the Community Garden Management Group, community volunteers, groups and associations. We welcome participation in the garden by the entire community and ensure the gardens are inviting so that visitors can enjoy this public space.

The garden, established in 2021, was built to provide a more sustainable future for the locals and to promote healthy eating, community connection and outdoor recreation. The garden is approximately 500m² and grows various varieties of edible plants, including vegetables, herbs, and fruits. All produce grown in the community gardens is free for all members of the public to enjoy. Access to the Community Gardens is not restricted and is open to the public 24/7

Our Mission

To create a working model of a cooperative,
community based urban garden that aims to:

Enrich Lives

Enriches people’s lives by giving them a practical way to develop a stronger connect to the food we eat and the environment.

Live Sustainably

Accommodate increasing community interest in gardening and sustainability practices by offering practical opportunities to volunteer and learn about gardening.


Educate children and the community in sustainable, permaculture and water-wise practices plus various gardening topics such as composting, plant health and seedling.

Promote Wellbeing

Increase recreation activities which contribute towards the improved health and wellbeiing of the community and increase opportunities for connection with other community members.

How the Garden Works

The Little Learners Village Community Garden operates as a diverse garden at 211M Gordons Road in South Morang. The gardens are divided into 11 communal garden beds, fruit trees and herbs with a beautiful wisteria arbor running down the middle, which by next Spring, will be beautiful.

There are many different ways to get involved at the gardens including becoming a volunteer garden member, plot holder, sponsor or partner depending on your time availability and interests.


The children of Little Learners Early Education will be regularly tending to the Garden and we encourage community members to become involved in coordinating the running of the garden. In the best tradition of community, everyone is welcome.  Click the button to find out more about our daycare centre.

Communal Plots: communal growing spaces where garden members work together to grow and harvest organic produce.

Herb Plots: communal beds grow a range of medicinal and culinary herbs which are available to harvest by the wider community.

Compost and Mulch Plots: areas set aside to grow crops including materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps and then expose them to conditions that encourage microbial activity. Our aim is to use composting as an opportunity for all ages to learn about caring for their environment, a responsible way to reuse waste, sustainability and life cycles.

Perimeter of the Garden: areas that grow a range of culinary and medicinal herbs and fruit trees.

Facilities: The gardens have a large shed, compost bays and worm farm.