Garden Spirit of Ikigai

It’s never too early (or too late) to start building towards a long, meaningful, and prosperous life for your little ones, yourself, and your community. At Little Learners Village Garden, we help you do just that – here’s how…


The Manna of Japan

Japan is one of the world’s greatest examples of long-lived prosperity and, with an average life expectancy of 85, many residents even reach 100 and beyond, largely free of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and other lifestyle-related ailments.

What’s their secret? Well, along with a diet low in animal protein but rich in a rainbow of anti-oxidant laden fresh fruits and veg, they attribute it to their active community life, plenty of time spent outdoors, and a strong sense of what they call ‘Ikigai’.

The Japanese sense of Ikigai is something every one of us has – but hasn’t necessarily found yet. It roughly translates to ‘life’s purpose’ or ‘reason for being’ and it’s that perfect overlap between:

In Japan, citizens tend to engage their Ikigai by joining a ‘moai’ or community group where peers connect over shared skills, interests and hobbies, pooling money and services to assist those in need and to support the community as a whole.

This was our inspiration at Little Learner Village Community Garden.


Ikigai at Little Learners Village Garden

In our sustainable community, children and community members are taught the value of owning and connecting to the food they eat through sustainable gardening practices, permaculture, and water conservation.

It’s about the joy of putting a little energy in to get a bounty of energy out – food, real sustainable food, grown from the seed, and a community bound by mutual interest and a shared sense of purpose.

Our garden allows you to engage in a shared space for the benefit of your community and the earth, in a way that’s both spiritually and physically rewarding. In our garden, kiddos and the community can get a taste of that holistic sense of connection and prosperity, that reason for being, that Ikigai.


Benefits of getting involved at the Little Learners Village Community Garden

While the kiddos at Little Learners Early Education regularly tend to the compost and mulch plots, herb plots, communal fruit and veggie plots at the garden, we strongly urge other businesses, schools, groups, and community members to get involved by volunteering or becoming a plot holder, sponsor or partner.

What do members get? Well, in the ancient spirit of Ikigai, you’ll have the opportunity to do: